Dear readers,

Keeping up with information on the internet is getting pretty difficult. Especially if you’re just a regular person who wants to keep on the latest news but isn’t interested in getting intrenched with technology or following it.

A noble goal indeed, but easier said than done. But whose sites do you read? Do you want the overview that most major news outlets provide? Maybe you want a little more in depth. You could follow a site that posts every 5 minutes but that means you need to sift through a whole lot of stuff that just doesn’t interest you. What a conundrum!

Enter Between Bytes.

We do are best to curate (aka think before posting) the tech news that we think interest you (with our, definitely not, expert analysis thrown in). That’s not even the best part. Seeing as Between Bytes is still a (very) small site, you can email us (see below) and let us know what you actually want to see so that we don’t need to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. We’re like a small tech startup. We’re still small and nimble and have the ability to switch directions at the whim of a very flaky Editor.

So please, email us and let us know what you think. Good or bad (no profanity please) we still want to hear from you. So email us at betweenbytesblog@gmail.com and let us know.


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