Shawn Blanc’s Instacast Review

I had been wanting to write a review of Instacast for a while now, but as a procrastinator I continued to put it off. Then I stumbled across one better than I could have written. Shawn Blanc has a really great and comprehensive (like, over 1.000 words comprehensive) review of Instacast for iOS. So I would recommend you go read his review (I’ve linked to it below). Instacast is simply a really great app for listening to podcasts. So sit back and enjoy.

Shawn Blanc’s review of Instacast.


One thought on “Shawn Blanc’s Instacast Review

  1. E-bike says:

    Lots of writers recommend just writing and composing no matter how bad and if the story is going to develop, youll suddenly hit the zone and itll develop.

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