A Quick Thought On Ice Cream Sandwich

Today Google (and Samsung) unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich (the code name for the next major version of the Android smartphone operating system) running on the brand spankin’ new Galaxy Nexus. One thing I found interesting is that they devoted non-trivial portion of time to explain
how they’ve reworked the camera in Ice Cream Sandwich. I might just be biased, but Apple touted the camera as a major feature in the iPhone 4S in their keynote a couple of weeks ago. It likely wasn’t intentional and it most certainly was in the works before Apple announced the 4S, but it might come off a bit like they’re attempting to keep pace with Apple. Could it be that they didn’t only delay the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich out of respect for Steve Jobs, but also because they were announcing similar features to what Apple previewed two weeks ago? I for one, don’t know.

(links via Engadget, theory is my own)


One thought on “A Quick Thought On Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. Jeff B says:

    Great! Thanks for the share!

    I think these prices can cheaper, but it is always more expensive to courier it from the US.

    Personally my max is $600, but that is just me.

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