A Change in Focus

BetweenBytes has been pretty inconstant as far as posting over the last few months. I wanted to make you guys aware of the changes about to take place in the site.

Our original “About” section:

We translate the substantial amount of tech news into a clean, sizable, refreshing format. With (definitely not) expert analysis.

First of all, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I said “sizeable”. The definition of sizable is of considerable size; fairly large: He inherited a sizable fortune. I’m pretty sure I was meaning the opposite of long when I wrote that.

The second thing, is something I heard Ben Brooks say on an episode (I forget which one) of The B&B Podcast. He basically said that if you’re trying to be the first to the tech news, you can’t really win. There are sites that have 18 writers hired full time to do what you are trying to do on your spare time. You can’t keep up.

He’s right. I was originally trying to be one of those sites you could go to for breaking news. I didn’t correctly anticipate how much tech news there actually is. That being said, it’s not as if we’re going to ignore the news. We just won’t be the firehose posting every 5 minutes with new news. We will post some longform stuff and a few links to stuff you think we think you should read. I’ll also recommend some stuff for you guys (mostly iOS apps and Windows software since that’s what I know the best). We may also have some handy tips (like Easy OS X only for Windows since that is the OS I use).

So stay tuned for some great stuff.


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