Tech Wars Pt. 2 Xbox 360 Vs. PS3

So many characteristics of this conflict turn this rivalry into a heated battle. Mainly because of the very similar release dates of these two consoles. The Xbox 360 and PS3 were released within one year of each other. The rivalry has not dimmed. Each has sold roughly the same number of units (estimated 55 million Xboxs and 50 Million PS3s). Very little of the features differ from the two consoles. This article will bring to light the differences that separate the Xbox and Playstation systems.

The price is a convoluted arguement. This is mainly due to the multiple options with each console. The Xbox does eek out a small lead in this catergory. Not only in the main console, but in accessories such as extra controllers and the Move and Kinect hardwares.

Each system has a list of games that can only be played on one of the two systems. These include Mass Effect and Halo for Xbox  and Final Fantasy and God of War for PS3. This debate is hard to call give that it highly reliant on personal preference, however, my estimate is that Xbox has the lead in exclusive games.Reliability
This is the big part of the debate. Xbox systems are about half as reliable as PS3s. Xboxes are so unreliable that the trademark “rings of death”(symbolizing a defective Xbox.) have become an official meme.
On the other hand, Playstation’s online network, Playstation Network (who thinks these names up?) hit the news after it was hacked. This has brought to question the safety of having your personal information on PSN.

Add-ons and Apps
Both systems can run a number of applications other than games. Playstation is well known for being able to run Blu-Ray disks. Xbox is known to play Hulu and other media.

In closing, the two consoles are near equals. The differences of the two come down to the individual and which features they prefer. this may change, however. Rumors have been floating around of a new Xbox system. No confirmation of this has been released, but it is something to keep in mind in the next few years.


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