Dead Space iOS Review

Okay, so a few months ago, Visceral studios released Dead Space iOS along with Dead Space 2 on popular game systems. Now, if you have ever played Dead Space, you will know that they are very horrifying. Like so horrifying that you almost pee yourself at times. Well that is just me, so don’t judge me. Okay so, Dead Space iOS is a “between-quell” that bridges the gap between Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2. Dead Space iOS  actually takes place a few hours before Dead Space 2. It explains how the necromorphs made their way into the Sprawl. The main character is an engineer, codenamed Vandal. Now, this is kind of a spoiler but she is a female. Vandal is a newly converted Unitologist. She was chosen by the church of Unitology to sabotage the Sprawls systems (unbeknownst to Vandal, who had no idea what her mission was in the Sprawl.). She is suddenly betrayed by the Church after she completes her mission. The necromorphs are released and Vandal is left to fend for herself in the sprawled out hallways of the Sprawl. Vandal then goes on a journey through the Sprawl to hopefully undo what she did with the help of Director Tiedman and the mysterious Tyler.
Dead Space iOS is a game that is full of horror, action, and close shaves (so to speak). It may not be as horrifying as the console Dead Spaces but it is still pretty scary. I have played through the game both on my iPad and iPhone and it still makes me jump. The excellent audio adds to both the horror and suspense. If you play the game with headphones on, you can hear things scratching at the walls and you can hear all the
small details. Even the slightest sound will make you jump.
Enough about the fantastic audio, let’s talk about visuals now. The visual qualities of this game on the levelof Infinity Blade, which I just reviewed. Dead Space looks the best on devices with a retina display. It looks just about as good on iPad. In fact, I prefer to play it on the iPad. Bigger screen=better experience. Dead Space was enhanced for iPad 2 and it looks slightly better on the new iPad because the edges are no longer corse. In fact, they are smooth as butter, thanks to the added ram and the A5 processor.
The game play is excellent as well. The controls are just like they would be in any other game of this genre. If you have played N.O.V.A 1 or 2 then you should feel right at home with the controls. They are very easy to learn even if you haven’t. Combat is just like any other Dead Space game. If you are not familiar then I will lay it out for you. You use engineering tools as weapons. You start out with a plasma saw and eventually you get a plasma cutter, a heavy duty “wireless” disc ripper (it is like a chainsaw that shoots blades), a line gun, the ultimate of all necromorph killing weaponry: an asteroid mining laser machine and last but not least, the just added heavy assault rifle which, by the way, costs a lot of credits. I haven’t even bought it yet. Each weapon has a secondary firing mode. You switch into this mode by quickly tilting your device to the left or right.
The story of this game is brief but intriguing. Voice acting is amazing. You can hear the fear and desperation in the actors voices (which is a good thing). Keep in mind that the dialogue can get explicit at times, so I would not recommend this game for children below the age of 13 because of two reasons: Explicit Dialogue and the frighteningNow to sum it up, Dead Space iOS is a perfect Sci-Fi third person shooter horror game. It has excellent visuals, horrifyingly spectacular audio which is even better with headphones, a good storyline, awesome dialogue, great replay value, and superb gameplay. The cons of this game are few and I don’t think they would deter too many people from this amazing game. The dialogue can get explicit at time and enemies get predictable. Not too predictable though. They are still fun and terrifying.
Dead Space is on the app store, with both an iPhone/iPod app and an iPad app.
This is one of my favorite apps and I would seriously recommend this to anyone who is a fan of hardcore iOS games. You will not be disappointed.
-Bridger Curtis


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