Infinity Blade Review

Infinity Blade…. Sounds epic right? That’s because it is. In fact, the game is so epic, the game studio that developed this game is actually named Epic Games. First off, lemme lay out the plot. Your father was killed by the evil God King, and you are on a quest to avenge him. Unfortunately… You end up dying most of the time as well. So you are on a quest to avenge your father, who in turn was killed trying to avenge his father, who was also trying to avenge his father. You get the idea. Not much in the storyline department but you don’t need any background or plot for this kind of game.
Second of all, lets go to visuals. If you play this game on an iPhone 4, iPod 4, or an iPad 2, this game is going to cause your eyes to sing. Metaphorically speaking anyways. This game is the best looking game on the App store in my opinion.
See that? That is what you are experiencing when you play this game. I play this game in the cafeteria of my school from time to time. Instantly a crowd gathers. “WOAH! Those are freaking awesome graphics man!” I get that a lot. Moving on…
Third, lets move on to gameplay. The gameplay of Infinity Blade is very simplistic, yet so complicated. You can not move around freely so you tap and it displays a cutscene of you moving to your destination. Not really a big deal. Fighting however is entirely user based. You control your character. His life is in your fingertips. You control the sword, shield, parries, and dodging maneuvers. It may get repetitive at times, as the enemies have pre-programmed attacks that are very easy to predict and counteract. The developers of the game combated this issue by making the game get harder in difficulty as you progress. The enemies deal more damage, their attacks get faster, and it makes for an overall better, tougher experience.
You will have to shell out 5 dollars and 99 cents for this game but trust me, it is totally worth it. In fact, its a bargain!
So here’s the gist of this article:
Awesome gameplay
Spectacular visuals
Good replay value
Addicting qualities that will keep you coming back for more
Frequent updates that make the game even more spectacular
Multiplayer needs a bit of work
Limited explorationThe verdict: GET THIS GAME!
-Bridger Curtis

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