Tech Wars Round 1: Mac Vs. PC

This is the first of a series where we’ll be analyzing similar tech products and giving helpful advice to potential consumers. We will do our best to ensure a balanced analysis. The first part of these articles will be a mythbusting section. Since many of these wars are highly competitive, a lot of flak is thrown by each side. A lot of this is groundless, and we will pull the covers off these myths for a more accurate comparison.

We all have heard that Macs are more reliable than PCs, and it’s true, but only slightly more reliable than PCs. (This depends on the PC company you buy from).
At a glance, PCs cost about half what Macs do. (give or take what PC company and other variables.) However, this may or may not be true in the long run. With PCs, you usually need Antivirus and other protective programs. There are free programs, but it’s debatable how safe they are. Also, Macs have built in programs that PC users have to buy separately (or hope google comes out with a free version) Finally, Apple offers discounts to government employees, which can also balance the price.

Another Mac myth is that Macs are more reliable due to the fact that they are made completely by one company. This is not true. Macs actually have components from multiple companies. This includes Nvidia (graphics cards) and Intel (processors)

Now that we have those myths out of our system, we can move on to comparing the two computers.

Mac definitely has the lead with software. Almost every integrated PC software has a better Mac equivalent. Windows media player is trumped by iTunes, Safari beats IE. The list is endless. This is not a huge factor. Thanks to Google and so many other free software companies, many free programs can be used to supplement the paltry lineup of built-in PC software. The table is turned when you look into buying software. Because there are more PCs out there, more programs are written for PCs then are written for Macs.

This debate is very multifaceted. On the one hand, Macs have higher quality, longer lasting components. However, the gap is shrinking as some PC companies have been using higher quality components. However, PCs have a wider range of hardware options. With Macs, you can only get up to about 8 GB RAM and 2 TB of Hard Drive.Top of the line PCs can reach 16 GB of RAM.

This debate is highly controversial. Legend has it that Macs can’t get viruses. While this isn’t quite true, Macs are quite impervious. Mac programs are allowed very little control of other computer functions, and while PCs are notorious for being loaded down with viruses. However, Macs can get the occasional virus (if the computer user has no idea how to use computers). Also, PCs have become more secure with Window’s 7.

PC Strengths
First thing that comes to mind is the price. PCs are much cheaper than Macs. This allows them to target a wider audience. Also, PCs are more versatile. A lot of programs and games are only for the PC. Thirdly, PC buyers have a much larger selection of computers, depending if someone wants a $300 dollar computer or a $3000 dollar computer.

Mac Strengths
Macs are all around better quality. They are also preloaded with more programs which makes it easier to use for people who don’t want to have to spend too much extra money on programs. Macs also don’t get as many viruses as PCs.

The Mac vs. PC debate comes down to what the individual person uses their computer for. PCs often used by gamers in particular, while musicians and filmmakers prefer Macs.

In closing, there is no clear winner in the Mac Vs. PC debate. It all comes down to what fits the customer’s needs. Any potential computer buyer will need to decide what pros and cons to work through and decide which system is best for them.

This is the beginning of a new series. If you have any requests for future Tech Wars articles, email us a


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