The Social Networks of Tomorrow

In recent months, many users of  the popular social network Facebook have began to question the security of the site. This has caused many people to look elsewhere for social network sites. Leading me, a self-professed paranoid, to look for a few options that could replace Facebook in the future. These are the sites I uncovered.

1: Bebo
Bebo site shows a lot of promise as a social networking site. The high point of the site is the aesthetics. Bebo has a very fresh, clean look. However, the adds are larger than those on Facebook, which detracts from it slightly. The security is paltry, which dooms this social network, in my opinion. Though it has a few accessibility settings, there is little to keep profile information and posts private. This website has been around for a while, which leads me to question the likelihood of it becoming much more popular.

2: Orkut
This website is built by google as an attempt to grow its ever expanding influence into the social networking arena. The fact that it’s made by google increases its usefulness since it has direct links to all the Google apps. Orkut also has a communities page. This allows users to create groups. Which is similar to Facebook, but integrated better.This gives the dangerous  temptation of using this social network as a home page (which, no doubt, many avid Facebookers already do).
This site already has a large foreign following, and is much more popular in countries such as Brazil and India. This may deter people who don’t want to use a social network whose chat groups are full of poorly translated English (thanks to Google translate, which has a direct link in the home page of Orkut.) The privacy settings were the best I’ve seen. Not only were they easy to change, but there are many more options when it comes to privacy. This includes disabling photo tagging, setting if people can find you, who can send friend requests, and who can see any profile content.
On a final note, it took me a while to notice, but I finally realized that there were almost no adds. The only add was for orkut itself, explaining the uses of the website. This, combined with changeable themes, made the website look quite beautiful compared to the mundane facebook graphics.
All in all, this could be a very strong competitor of Facbook in the future.

3: Friendster
This was a nightmare when it comes to social networks. Firstly, it is built around social games. If Friendster became popular, Every new Zynga release would likely cause a nationwide state of emergency. This website looks painful, to say the least. The overall color scheme made my eyes sore just looking at it. Also, the adds detract from it even more. Facebook adds look docile compared to the adds on Friendster. Not only are they intrusively large, but many are blatant scams and viruses. In summary, avoid this website like it’s my editor-in-chief’s gym socks.

After looking at these websites, I begin to wonder if Facebook may one day go the way of MySpace. If the world becomes tired of the blue-and-white titan of socializing, One of these sites may rise up to replace it.


3 thoughts on “The Social Networks of Tomorrow

  1. KatySue Pillsbury says:

    I’ve barely gotten the hang of FB, of course it’s going to die soon. I like how you described it, the blue and white titan of solcializing! =)

  2. Daniel James says:

    Haha, thanks!

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