The Fire Rises (Update)

The title to this article probably baffled you, unless you are a big fan of a certain caped crusader. The Fire Rises is a the name by which The Dark Knight Rises social networking strategy is known. They have a Twitter account and a website that is entirely black and plays an eerie chanting sound when opened. One brilliant person found a way to open the file in an audio program and found the hash that led to thefirerises twitter account. All this account does is tweet this link, sending people to a page with a picture of Tom Hardy as Bane.

Now here’s where it gets interesting, The Fire Rises also had a YouTube account with grainy videos basically of explosions, fire and chaos in Gotham. They also had a Facebook page with this picture below

A picture found on The Fires Rises' Facebook page before it went MIA. It included the tag line "Vote Nixon! Bringing Justice Back to Gotham!"

I say had because both the Facebook page and the YouTube account went MIA at some point today. I was able to save the picture because I was subscribed to the Facebook page’s RSS feed before it went missing and Safari had saved a cache of the preview version of the photo, so I posted it here. Very interesting to say the least. My excuse for posting this article is it has to do with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, all very important things in tech. You shouldn’t worry though. Our site won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Update: According to multiple sources, the Fire Rises Facebook and YouTube accounts appear to be unaffiliated with the Official Dark Knight Rises social networking campaign and were fan generated.

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