Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Review

by: Matthew W.

With the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides, Tt Games and Lego released the ninth instalment in the line of movie/TV show-based Lego games.  So me, being a die-hard Lego game fan, immediately purchased Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.  I’m happy to say that this game does not disappoint.  Though slightly familiar, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean brings its fair share of good, swashbuckling fun.

Overall, the gameplay is the same as any other Lego games, with the simple objective being solving the puzzles, destroying everything in the level, and collecting money galore.  Two modes of play are offered.  First, there is story mode, where the player progresses through the story of Pirates of the Caribbean, completing each movie of the Pirates saga.  After completing a level in story mode, free play mode is then unlocked for that level.  In free play mode, the objective is to collect a certain amount of money, while finding all the hidden unlockables and hidden items.

The levels of Lego Pirates though, are considerably more difficult than those of its predecessors, throwing in some unforeseen curve balls, contrary to the normally simple and obvious puzzles found in most Lego games. This becomes even more evident in Free Play mode, as the levels become sometimes down-right frustrating. As I mentioned earlier, the features of Lego Pirates is very similar to the previous Lego games. Most of the old features such as levers and grappling hooks have been revamped, pirate style. Pirates does offer a couple new features such as Jack’s compass, which is used to find hidden items, and cannons, which are used in several different destructive ways.

However, the gameplay of Lego Pirates is not without fault.  As usual in Lego games, there is the dreaded “Lego Game Glitches”; small things, usually related to AI, that compound upon each other to become very annoying. The Lego Game Glitches manifest themselves heavily in one level called the Brethren Court. This level becomes painfully difficult as often times your AI ally will abandon you, and you will later find him running around in circles, or uselessly staring at an elevator. Either that, or they’ll just get in the way so much that it often seems as if they are doing it on purpose. Out of all the Lego games, Lego Pirates has the worst AI; however the problem is solved quite easily if you have someone playing with you.  Overall, the gameplay is solid and fun. The amount of time spent finishing it varies from 12-20 hours, depending on your skill level or how many cheat codes you use.

Overall, this game is a little bit shorter then most Lego games, and contains a slightly smaller amount of unlockables, but this doesn’t outweigh the many exciting hours playing some ingeniously crafted levels with the memorable characters of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

For non-Lego game fans and serious gamers looking for a challenge, this may not be the game for you.  That is unless you feel like spending some casual gaming time with siblings/friends, as this is a good game for cooperative play.  But for avid Lego game fans this is a game that needs to be in your collection, as this is a fun, enjoyable Lego game.

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