Pandora Radio

Like many people, I love music. A few weeks ago, I found a website called Pandora Radio. This website is an Internet radio station that takes a unique twist on radio. Instead of deejays creating radio stations of similar music, Pandora Radio allows users to create them. By simply typing in a name of a song or artist, the advanced program creates a radio station around the selection. Also, you can improve your radio station by adding variety with a new song or artist or by thumbing-up or down the songs it plays.
The thing that makes this possible is what is known as the “Music Genome Project.” In 2000, the soon-to-be founders of Pandora Radio set out to create a DNA map of all genres of music. They came up with over 400 points in music with which to categorize music. These include minor or major key tonality, instrument choice, major genre influences, and vocalist styles. These and many other key properties of music are used by this program to give accurate matches between songs.
Also, the interface of Pandora Radio is also a high point. The program includes a plethora of options without being hard to use. It includes a bar of the different radio stations that you’ve created, each with an “options” button. The greatest part of the interface for me was the bookmarks. This allows you to favorite songs and put them in a list making it easier to remember songs that you’d normally forget.
The program is either paid or free to use. The free version has adds and restricts users to 40 hours of listening per month. Pandora One (the premium version) costs $3 a month, allows for unlimited use along with a desktop app and a few other features. Pandora Radio is also available in the App Store, Android Market, Blackberry App World, WebOS, and PS3 devices.

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3 thoughts on “Pandora Radio

  1. I love Pandora! I didn’t know there was a time limit, so I must not have reached it! =)

  2. Daniel James says:

    Yeah, I wonder how often the 40 hr. limit is reached. 🙂

    • Reagan W. says:

      I know I’ve never gotten there. That’s because I’m a very flakey listener. I will use Pandora to listen to some station for a couple of hours, but only every once in a while. I prefer (this is crazy in the tech world now but It’s still true for a lot of people I think) I just want to buy music on iTunes. I really enjoy buying music on iTunes. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I only listen to certain kinds of music and don’t branch out from that much.

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