Top Ten Time Wasters

Have you ever felt the urge to do something that inhales your free time and gets nothing done? Well, the BetweenBytes team decided to use our considerable experience to come up with a list of the most effective ways to waste hours.

#10  Music

From listening to playing, music can draw someone in as the time flows off the clock. Something about a good tune completely draws the mind into the grasp of music. This, however, is not completely effective. With the invention of portable music devices, music has become a background track to work, school, and other productive tasks.

#9  Texting

This is one of the most annoying time-wasters. It may not suck up the solid hours as some of the later time-wasting devices, but it still detracts from important tasks all the same. It was placed at number nine, however, because it is not as involving as some time-wasting powerhouses. In fact, it has spawned a form of multitasking, where one might be productive while throwing the occasional text to a friend. This fact has stopped it from becoming too powerful of a time waster.

#8 TV

Arguably one of the first powerful time wasters, this device can stream random TV shows a mediocre movies to the viewer’s home. This can be a very powerful time-waster. A Mythbuster marathon can easily destroy an entire day’s worth of productive time. It is hindered, however, by the fact that it is rigid. In other words, it doesn’t conform to the viewer’s wants easily. If nothing good is on, the viewer will most likely leave and go do something useful.

#7  Farmville

Yes, the dreaded Farmville. This was once one of the most powerful time-wasters on the Internet. The Farmville game that involves, well, farming. It currently has 80 million registered users, many of whom don’t play any longer. This is the one weakness of Farmville. The way that the game is set up targets ADD influenced teenagers who quit playing after a while, or merely play the game occasionally. Also, Farmville is diminishing in its influence. Nowadays, it is almost looked down upon to play it. Only the true die-hard farmers are still harvesting crops on this once powerful game.

#6 Minecraft

Some of you may know this fairly well from my previous article. This indie game seems completely designed to allow users to waste time. This survival/creativity game allows for a barely-finite amount of playstyles. Also, unlike Farmville, this game is on the quick rise. Still in the beta, it has a growing online presence, especially on YouTube. It also targets people who are more apt to spend large gobs of time on the game. It is still not completely mainstream, with less than ten million users worldwide.

#5 Gaming consoles

These industry giants made it onto the list due to the high quality time-wasting. With these devices, you can easily spend fifty dollars on a game to waste your time on and feel that it is totally worth it. These would have been higher if it wasn’t for accessibility. The TV is not always available to use for COD or Halo, and it is not quite as enthralling as the next three time wasters.

#4 YouTube

This Internet site allows anyone to post videos of almost anything. This gives this time-wasting tool loads of potential. With a useful interface, huge community, and a wide influence, Youtube leads to many people to waste countless hours on five minute videos. Also, YouTube cleverly (almost despicably) places a list of videos related to the one you are currently watching so you could be watching a video of your favorite comedian and see 20 other videos of some of his other routines. “I’ll just watch just one more”…yeah right…


Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are almost completely designed to waste boatloads of hours. The idea of these games is to do sometimes mundane tasks to level up your avatar. This drives countless people to pour their free time into World of Warcraft, Runescape, and countless others.

#2 Mobile Games

From Angry Birds to Plants Vs. Zombies, app games have redefined time wasting. Now, with mobile devices, people can waste their time wherever they are. At a moment’s notice, one can whip out their iPhone and start playing a cheap, addictive game for hours. The one setback of this is the fact that, well, you need an iPhone in order to play most app games. This is the one thing that separates this from the number one time waster.

#1 Facebook

Yes, I bet you guessed it. Facebook is unarguably the best way to waste your time. This is because of several key factors. Firstly, it is widely used. Over 400 million registered users waste their precious on futile attempts of online socialization. Secondly, it is extremely accessible, partly due to its low price. Finally, it includes a horde of add-ons and applications that allow one to waste their time in even more pointless ways. All in all, Facebook has set the bar very high in the realm of time wasting, and it is unlikely if anything else will reach it anytime soon

Honorable mentions

the fact that it is so similar to Facebook and that it targets ADD induced teenagers pushed this one off the list.

Dragons and Dungeons:
A legendary time waster of old. It failed making this list because, well, who plays D and D anymore?!
From fake lightsabers to putting your friends head on celebrity bodies, photoshopping puts a whole new meaning to utter randomness. However, the scope of possible activities is small with photoshop, which is why this time-waster will remain mediocre.

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Time Wasters

  1. *raises hand of guilt* I am guilty of 10, 9, 8 and 1, I’m pretty safe as far as games go, but I would have to add blogs, reading and wrtting them are huge time wasters for me! =)

  2. Daniel James says:

    Don’t feel too bad. At one time or another, I’ve been guilty of all of them.

    Haha, blogs may deserve to be on this list.

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