In the recent past year, the video game market was cornered by adventure and fps games. In 2010, the top ten list was dominated by games that were pigeon-holed into cookie-cutter game styles. This trend has recently been broken by an indie game that has attracted major-league attention. This game is Minecraft.

The unique thing about Minecraft is that it is centered around creating. The scope of the game is so wide that any whim or inspiration can be fulfilled by the game.

Minecraft is also a very open software. Its basic programming allows for a plethora of add-ons (or mods). These add-ons allow for different textures, gameplays, and characters to play. This has won Minecraft a huge online community on the Minecraft Forums and YouTube.
The future for Minecraft is prosperous. Recently, when the 1.5 beta update was released, Mojang, the company that runs Minecraft, announced Minecraft’s official release. The game is set to release on November 11th of this year.


One thought on “Minecraft

  1. westtomelden says:

    i have custom map lists on my blog

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